Visit the largest bird on the planet

A visit to Ostrich Country will take you back in time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Ostrich have a very direct connection and it shows. Get nose to beak with the largest bird in the world, an animal that produces three pound eggs and has chicks that are six feet tall when they are six months old. Enjoy feeding these creatures and take a tour to learn all about their behavior and habits. Children are always fascinated and adults always educated.

All locations have feeding and gift stores and others have additional amenities including playgrounds, picnic areas and restful scenic views. Two locations are open now and more coming soon.

logoLook for the real Ostrich Country Logo and get the genuine experience. Established in 1992 and having ten’s of thousands of vititors, we’ve learned to get it right.

Busses and RV’s welcome.

We look forward to your visit!