About Us

logoOstrich Country was created to duplicate the experience that tens of thousands of visitors have enjoyed at our Indian Point Ostrich Ranch in Tehachapi, California. They came for the tour experience, getting nose to beak with the largest bird in the world, and many come back again, first with their children, and then their grandchildren. They come from all across the world. They are young, middle age, and seniors all amazed at what is happening in the Ostrich industry. School buses, tour buses, folks just passing through, all have been welcomed and apparently enjoyed their visit since word of mouth is our primary advertising. We’re a working ranch that opened our doors to the public in 1997 to provide an education about a healthy red meat that is finally becoming available and 3 pound eggs that you can take home, cook and enjoy just like having a course of 24 chicken eggs with a few friends.

I’m Joel Brust and I started this ranch in 1992 when the term Agri-Tourism was barely mentioned. Our Blue Feather Brand products from burgers and steaks to oils and lotions have been wildly successful and our breeding stock can be found throughout the west and as far away as Thailand. We’ve been on national television shows, participated in commercials, music videos and even had a segment of the evening national news shot at our ranch. Our eggs have been on several television cooking shows, been used in many dishes even the making of ice cream. It’s been quite a ride, and now we’re joining with affiliate ranches to bring this experience and our products to additional locations throughout the U.S. Ostrich Country is our new brand and additional locations are under construction as this website is being launched.

Please think about including a visit to one of our affiliates during your next vacation or include in your trip itinerary. Look for the Ostrich Country logo for the genuine experience that only many years of fine-tuning can bring.

Thanks for checking us out.
Joel and Marcy Brust