Become An Affiliate

Do you like the Ostrich Country Experience? — Do you have a great location?

We have two different plans to choose from:

Silver Plan:

A simple road-side business consisting of feedings, tours, a gift store and a small playground.  Blue Feather Ostrich Farms provides the merchandise, feed and birds that are re-cycled semi-annualy.  (A deposit for the birds is required).

Gold Plan:

A road-side business and a working ranch that breeds and produces eggs.  (Incubation and chicks are optional). The affiliate's purchase of working Ostrich may be from Blue Feather Ostrich Farms or from any other source the affiliate chooses.

It's not complicated and if you want know more, please contact Joel at the Tehachapi location by: e-mail at and include your mailing address and contact information, or by phone at: (661) 822-9131, Ext. 304, or just fill out the form below.

Disclosure:  This is not a franchise or an agreement that requires a cash outlay to Ostrich Country for any type of privlege. Monies paid to Ostrich Country from affiliates will be to purchase store stock, feed, and Ostrich deposits or the purchase of Ostrich.  Affiliates are receiving goods and livestock in a business transaction.  The cost to construct or modify an approved location is the affiliate's resposibility.  The affiliate will enter into an agreement to follow a visitor model, purchase only Ostrich Country and Blue Feather products for resale and whether offering or not offering local art will abide by not providing or displaying political or religious items. Ostrich Country will provide training at no cost to the affiliate other then being reimbursed from the affiliate for travel, lodging and meal expenses.  Ostrich Country will publicize and drive traffic to the affiliate's location,  In the event of cancellation by the affiliate, the affiliate agrees to pay a termination fee that will be stated in the agreement.

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I’m interested in participating in the Ostrich Industry.
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