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Tehachapi, CA Photos

A Gentle Giant
Baby Ostrich Chick
This is my flirt face. (Cute, huh?)
The Bonding Experience
My name is Ralph
A photo pose for the label of Wrangler Brand Ostrich Jerky.
School Field Trip
Close enough?
An ostrich chick about 2 months old
School Field Trip Continued
The Tehachapi founder with Ralph & Connie ostrich & friend
School field trips are a regular occurance
We're the teenagers
Ostrich chicks at play
Ostrich Feeding Area
Lot's of egg art by local artists
Hey, Ralph. It's time & I'm ready.
The egg-roll race is part of the educational experience
My name is Connie
Children playing in clean country air
I got my eye on you
All kinds of eggs for sale
Schools return year after year.
Ostrich love to bond here
Is that a real diamond?
Part of Tehachapi's gift shop
School children of all ages learn here
Ralph & Connie
Tehachapi playground is open to all visitors
Check out their ride
Kids make believe they are ostrich
It's the curious teenagers again
Whoa! Check out that Rolex.
Ostrich chicks
Special tours available for large groups
Hi, Mom (I think)
Lots of eggs
Hey, you!